Monday, January 10, 2011

Looks like you got caught Oscar baiting.

My opinions are coming fast and furious lately, but this one should be shorter and theoretically more focused. I'm going to limit the topics today to two things. A] the name of the blog, which has changed, and B] Movie award season.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's what you missed: Nugs, Chillin', and Grindage

It's a new year and here's a new blog for you reader[s] out there. Seeing as how I tend to lean pretty heavily on the LEGO stuff, I was gonna basically just rattle off all the new sets I got for and around Christmas, but I feel that would be terribly uninteresting for pretty much everyone. Suffice it to say I got some mustard stuff, though. And that may well be all I say about that. For now.

Here are some movie opinions, because there seems to be a rash lately of better-than-average films out there. I'm sitting here listening to the TRON soundtrack rather than buying it, because I am cheap. And besides, it's computer music, and it feels only fitting I should listen to it exclusively via the computer. However, I have yet to see the movie for which the music is meant to accompany, and I'm not sure where in relation to the fence I sit regarding that. I know I really wanted to, though. I DID see Black Swan, and it is a movie you should stop reading this and go see. Natalie Portman has always been hot, but she seems hottest at her craziest, and she is coco for kookoo puffs in this movie. Plus: lady kissing.  And there's still True Grit and Barney's Version to see as well. [Sidebar: I went to school with Mordecai Richler's... grand-nephew? Third cousin? They were somehow related, is what I'm saying. So, you know. That.]

It occurs to me that back in my first post I made the promise of making a habit of discussing three things here: toys, food, and people on the subway being idiots. I've certainly done the first, glossed over the second, and generally neglected the third. Well, hold on to your butts, it's about to get real in here.