Friday, May 27, 2011

The start of something I'm unlikely to finish!

I had the pleasure of working on Nightmare on Elm Street 3 yesterday, and an episode of Community today. So I've been both busy and in a good mood, neither of which really move me to write anything down in the interweb. So here I was without anything much to be angry about and only one childish photo to post. And that's no good. No good at all.

Endlessly clever.

Aside: See Hanna if you get the chance. Honestly, it's friggin' fantastic. And don't take my word for it; the three old ladies behind us loved it too.

Anyway, back to this: I got inspired by the last thing I blogged about, the whole comic book I'm still somewhat gray on whether I can talk about or not. So I thought.... hows about I make an entirely new comic, on here? I mean, I got, like, three other corkers in the vault, ready to be thrust upon the unexpecting public. I could, you know, use one of those, and my LEGO photo thing, and, you know... meld 'em or whatever. How much work, really, would it take?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So hey, remember that comic I wrote?

"Nah, there's nothing back there."

Yeah, I wrote a comic a while ago, and was thinking about it lately. It was published through, which was an exciting little think-tank sorta deal, that in the heady winter of 2007 ran a sequence of contests [if you can call them that], whereby those pitches vetted by the community got produced as real life [cyber]comics. Above is a pin-up, I guess you'd call it, by the artist assigned to the project, Miguel Lopez.

It was all pretty rad, really. Only the first part of the four-part story was made, but it was made better than I thought it could have been made, so that's cool. If you can navigate the viewer and haven't been badgered by me into reading the finished book already at some point in the last 3 years, you can see it here:

ALMA: Jumbo the Elephant, Chapter One

Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet Legitimization

As I wait for work to download, as well as twiddle my thumbs until the FedEx guy delivers a wonderful shipment of LEGO I recently purchased in a small fit of madness, I got an email from my dad that I'm taking as a sign that he has now officially blessed this current infantile obsession as an A-OK thing. So, hey, that's neat!

He sent this, from an as-yet-unidentified magazine:

It's, like, a commentary, man.   

I looked up Jan Vormann on the internets, and here's another, better and more mature blog from almost exactly a year ago talking about the same dude, and if you're super-psyched about this sorta thing, here's his project's official website.

Dree and I are planning to go to New York again, and one of the main things I was concerned about [if I had to invent something to be concerned about] is that this trip didn't as yet really have a hook. We went mad with pop culture last time, hunting down locations and such. Would we just do that again? No, no we won't. I will now go hunting for LEGO in nature. Expect a full report on it in... about five months.