Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York and Movies and such and such.

So yeah, I haven't been doing this blog thing much lately. Like I said back at some other time, my productivity here is inversely proportionate to my workload. It's like math, in a way. Each blog I've posted represent hundreds of dollars I wasn't making. So if you've been hoping and praying for more nuggets of my slightly inaccessible wisdom, thanks for wishing poverty on me. Jerkbag.

Now, unless my understanding of the point of, like, everything is off, working is good because you get some money and you can use that money to get stuff and do things. And we [being Dree and myself] are in the pre-prep stages of another trip to New York, because, and not to sound like a fanboy or anything, New York is better than anything ever. Best jerky coffee, best ridiculously huge bagels. And that's just breakfast. I'm sure there's other stuff too. I dunno. That's why we're going back. For lunch.

If you don't recognize these buildings, watch better TV.

Sidebar: a while ago, while I had time and was bored, I downloaded a thing that lets you make virtual LEGO. It's equal parts awesome and existentially depressing. I think I already talked about it. Anyway, I wanted to make a big fancy playset for LEGO men based on the above locations. I think it's as done as it's ever gonna get within the restrictions of the program. I never finished making little beds and other obsessive doll house stuff for the inside, so you just get to see the outside.

Wanna buy me the above set? $200!

That's enough of that. Anyway, in preparation, we're getting New York into our collective subconsciouses by prepping a list of movies that are really New York or whatever. We watched Cloverfield [although the whole damn thing was filmed in LA. Liars.] We watched The Royal Tenenbaums. We've been watching more Seinfeld lately. And local theatres must have picked up on our vibes, because in the last few weeks we've managed to catch a few fundamentals on the big screen, which is cool. Anything, no matter what, is better in a theatre. And they were movies that, perhaps embarrassing to admit as a film studies goon, I'd never seen before: Rosemary's Baby and Taxi Driver.

Is it okay to like Polanski after that whole, you know, thing?  Whatever even happened to that? Is he still in Switzerland? Was he ever in Switzerland? I'm on the internet and could look it up right now, but the irony of our modern times is that igonorance is like a drug now. When info is so easy to get, not having it feels... special. Blah, I'm rambling.

All are witches. Especially Naked Santa.
I liked this movie. It was... tonally inconsistent perhaps, but I think Polanski always sorta thought he was making comedies, regardless of the genre. Either way, it wasn't oozing New Yorkishness, but they did have a kick-ass apartment.

And secondly, Taxi Driver. For some reason I've seen a distressingly low number of Scorsese movies, but I'm gonna correct that. Especially if we're supposed to be watching New York movies. Anyway, stuff I learned from this movie:

A] Big Bobby D was a wiry little dude back when.
B] Harvey Keitel's version of a pimp is really what all slimey movie pimps should be.
C] Cybill Shepard was hot, yo.

LEGO bloodbath = comedy gold.

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