Friday, July 29, 2011

Learn to waste time like me: Kre-O Prowl Instructions

So per popular request [I actually had a comment], I've done what I could to document how to build your less-than-stellar Prowl into my perhaps-better-than-official Prowl.

I've never tried to take photos of this nature before, so forgive me if the whole thing is a confusing, jumbled mess. You may also note, if you're super-observant, that I put a sticker in a different place, which helps sell the somewhat unconvincing junk-gun a bit more than it might otherwise. And, by all means, feel free to free-ball and change this up at any point. I won't be insulted.

A note on how the instructions work: these don't really go like how proper LEGO instructions go. The pieces you need for each step are essentially shown in the step prior. That's more a result of me being lazy and not wanting to take two pictures for each step. It shouldn't be all that complicated to figure out, however.

He's poetic, 'cause he's a lefty.

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