Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crowdsourcing will be the death of me

It's apparently February, and I have no idea where I've been for the past month. Christmas happened, and that was what it was, and then Dree and I entered the rabbit hole that is LOST and after about 3 weeks we're about to start Season 5, which is the point where the episodes become ones we haven't seen before. It's a pretty intense time to be alive, I'm not gonna lie to you.

So yeah, Jack and Kate and everyone sort of dominate my brain, but I'm gonna try and focus on the important things in life for a few minutes. Like asking random people to vote for my crap on the internet.

I thought I'd never get involved in these sorts of shenanigans after the whole comic book affair, because that was a rather sour experience which taught me that if you gather a group of people that all have something of their own they want voted for and ask them to vote for what's best, they're pretty unlikely to vote for the actual best thing, but rather vote for whatever will also get them a vote. If you follow. I'm bitter about it is the point.

So I wasn't gonna have anything to do with it anymore, until the juggernaut called LEGO rolled over my free time. And only recently LEGO launched this CUUSOO thing, which is a crowd-sourcing website where you post your junk and if 10,000 people feel it's not as shitty as it probably is, LEGO promises to look at it and maybe think about fixing your errors and selling it as a set.

Which is sort of awesome if it weren't so tremendously unlikely. But what the hell, right? I had to put something on there. And I did, and I settled on the Cemetery thing I made way the hell back, because LEGO needs more cemeterys, and also that's the blog I wrote with the highest number of views, however that worked. So, and I'm demanding this as politely as I can, you now must go HERE and SUPPORT the thing.

'Cause, I mean, what else are you doing?

Here's the link again!

If this gets to 10,000 supporters, and LEGO doesn't veto it on the grounds of it being totally unmarketable, and then someone actually buys it, I get a HUGE 1% of sales. Mind-blowing!

And there's no picture in this blog, so here's this thing. Would you buy this? 'Cause I'll put it on Cuusoo too. If, you know, it'll get me money.

Hint: the Alien represents a wiener.

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