Monday, December 6, 2010

Someone's got a case of the Mondays!

Hello again, and welcome to December. Today is Monday, and it's cold as a witch's teet out there. I'm hiding in the apartment so as to keep all my digits. It's also snowing, which is welcome because snow is good, and this is, like, the 2 week [if you're lucky] period where snow is cute. I'm a big snow fan, but that junk gets old but quick.

In any case, here's a story: I was all prepped and ready to go to a place called Snakes and Lattes this weekend. Dree and I learned about it during a temporary paralysis which left us watching the Polish show on CityTV. If the clever name was too obtuse for you, it's a coffee place that is also a games enclave in the Annex [really Koreatown, but the edges are rather nebulous]. Either way, the interview was all this-and-that and what-have-you, when this popped up on the screen:

I'd reached the point where I was sure I'd made this game up.

I dunno about you, but this game is kind of a big deal. It's a game I had in the halcyon days of my youth, when summers were filled with WOIO and Big Chuck and Lil' John and The Fall Guy, and whatever other nostalgic stuff I can come up with. I can't even remember if the game was any good, I just know I loved the pants off of it and it disappeared at some point. Probably during that damn yardsale.

But yeah, I really wanna play this game again, is what I'm saying. And apparently this place has a copy, and so I decided to go.

Aaaaaaaaand we didn't go. Eh! What are ya gonna do? I can't say as I have a specific reason for not going, the day just didn't really shake out the right way. Oh well, it'll give me something to look forward to doing in the new year. Assuming the place is still open.

If I find out they have a copy of this, though, I'm gonna go and steal it.
In other news, I tend to avoid YouTube, as the whole subscriber fan thing feels too much like communism to me, and because I don't understand communism, I don't like YouTube. But still, I have to mention a thing I started watching back in, like, October or whatever, which is ToyBreak. They do toy reviews and make toys and talk toys and all this other fun junk I wish I could do, and one of the things they've done a few times is, tada, review the LEGO advent calendar. Confession: they're sort of the reason I got the one this year. [Not really, though. I'd decided it could be cool already, but they confirmed my suspicions.]

Either way, I made a rather crude reference to this very blog in a comment on one of their new videos and it was promptly tagged as the spam it probably was. Affronted, I re-posted another comment which also happened to be slightly more valuable, and I was promptly rewarded with this nugget:

I deeply apologize for the terrible YouTube handle. Please call me Will.
See, she's holding the toy crane with the bonus arm that I talked about here. On-screen props AND a forward to the blog. Honors and benefits already at the age of 28. It's all coming together.

But yeah, in an act of communistic cooperation, feel free to go there and thumb and boost and whatever the hell else it is you're supposed to do on the Toob. I really have no idea.

Oh right! Now I remember what I did yesterday instead of going to the game place. We went to Value Village and I found an almost complete LEGO set in a bag, with instructions and everything. Madness. And it's a basketball court, which is pretty wacky tabaccy.


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