Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am late to the internet.

It's another day without work for me and while looking for jobs would be the logical course of action [right, only reader I have?] I've instead [or, also] been trying to put videos on YouTube. Which caused me some heartache because, apparently, I'm totally inept. Not the YouTube part, that's easy, but getting videos off of DVDs and into my computer parts. "Ripping," I think the kids call it. Maybe they make it hard 'cause it'd generally be illegal or whatever, but I'm trying to copy student films of questionable quality so that I can show them to the world to satisfy whatever masochistic/narcissistic urges I apparently have.

Anyway, boring story aside, I got it figured out eventually [what the hell is a codec? Seriously, I'm deficient.] and I've started posting things. I'm sure they'll get somewhere in the dozens of views, mostly by me re-watching my own garbage. Here's one now:

It currently has 3 views. Seriously, is that even possible? 3 whole lives have been changed!

It's gonna take another 36 hours to finish loading video three, the second or third most embarrassing one that'll end up on the interweebs by the time this is over. But homemade videos are the goods, for real. Watch Shut Up King George if you agree; it'll change your mind.

On to Lego news: Day 4, for you one person keeping track:

It's either a tiny real crane, or a gigantic toy crane.  Either way, it'll get lost in the carpet.

I added the little silver arm thing, which isn't there normally. The Snowbot from way back three days ago has an extra arm, so you could always use that. I feel it really ties the whole thing together.

Also, I finished stringing the lights on my doll house. The act of writing that sentence has made me realize what a crazy old lady I'm becoming. Festiveness aside, I weep for the future.

I will live here one day. I will shrink myself, and I will live here.

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