Thursday, April 28, 2011

I mutter like a Hobo

I don't really want you to think I only come on here and bitch and moan about stuff. I'm sure, some day, I'll have something super-positive to tell you, that'll just brighten the hell outta your day.

But not yet. For now I'm MAD! Grraaaaaggh!

My opinion is the monster and the criminal is popular culture.
I think for, like, my 6 readers [if I can call you that], I'm sorta your source for a very narrow, nichey band of nerdliness. But you need to know this stuff. It's important.

But yeah, so The Hobbit is being filmed, and while I'm sure it's gonna be the bee's knees, it's also apparently being filmed in this newfangled way that's gonna redefine the genre and explode MINDS and shit. Fast fact: movies are [generally] filmed and/or shown at 24 frames a second. Peter Jackson, in all his shoeless Kiwi wisdom, has decided that's just bupkis, man. So he's filming it at 48 frames a second. Why, you ask? I dunno, 'cause it costs more?

Apparently, it'll make the image crazy sharp and motions all silky fluid and your eyeholes are gonna cry about how wonderful it all is. By dropping the motion blur and totally, like, jacking the realism of it. Or whatever.

And I... I dunno. I fear it. I am genuinely afraid. I think it's largely because I'm scared it's gonna look like super-HD TVs look when they're on display at Future Shop, which is terrible. I've never quite been able to pin down why they look bad, but I think [think] it's the 120 htz option, which [wait for it] makes the image all crazy clear by removing the motion blur. But it ends up doing... something. It's hard to explain. It separates the fields in the image and makes stuff look like it's floating atop a rear layer. Everything looks like a video game. And it makes me sad. And now the movie I've been most excited about for the past, like, decade has me in fits. Fits, I tell ya.

So we'll have to wait to see how this ends up, because there's still a hell of a long time before the movie[s] come out. And that's not even mentioning the 3D aspect of it, which is like, uh, burning acid. To the brain!

Not really. That was more of a segue for this bit of goofishness.

See, the acid is 3D.......and the mustachioed man is... my spirit? Either way, something died inside.

PS Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was as entertaining as little babies crying right in your earholes for a couple days, but the trailer for Dark of the Moon just came out. And it looks pretty badass! Check it out! Say what you will, but Michael Bay makes a hell of a movie trailer.

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