Monday, May 9, 2011

Sweet Legitimization

As I wait for work to download, as well as twiddle my thumbs until the FedEx guy delivers a wonderful shipment of LEGO I recently purchased in a small fit of madness, I got an email from my dad that I'm taking as a sign that he has now officially blessed this current infantile obsession as an A-OK thing. So, hey, that's neat!

He sent this, from an as-yet-unidentified magazine:

It's, like, a commentary, man.   

I looked up Jan Vormann on the internets, and here's another, better and more mature blog from almost exactly a year ago talking about the same dude, and if you're super-psyched about this sorta thing, here's his project's official website.

Dree and I are planning to go to New York again, and one of the main things I was concerned about [if I had to invent something to be concerned about] is that this trip didn't as yet really have a hook. We went mad with pop culture last time, hunting down locations and such. Would we just do that again? No, no we won't. I will now go hunting for LEGO in nature. Expect a full report on it in... about five months.

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