Monday, December 5, 2011

I call it Special Drink

Hello again.

So I was gonna go on about this, or blather about that. It was gonna have something to do with being sad that Comminuty is being killed off, and how we've been trying other sitcoms to fill the void, but how Happy Endings is trying too hard to be funny, Modern Family is trying too hard to be not funny, and Whitney is crap in a hat. Parks and Recreation is still a beacon in the dark times, so we're sorta clinging to that. I had a real good analogy as to why Parks and Rec works and why I find Modern Family confounding and befuddling, but, again, I sorta feel a little too lazy to type it out. You'll just have to trust me when I tell you that it was so compelling an argument that you'd definitely change your mind. Oh, and Louis! Mondays are the new Thursday.

And before I forget, Lego Advent day 24, just 'cause I should really complete things.

He's wearing Lululemon Trackpants 'cause they make his butt look firm.
Yeah, to no one's surprise, it's a Santa. And a chimney. This is what came last year, except this time Santa's wearing grey slacks and is entering through some sort of very modern-looking fireplace. Or perhaps that's an incinerator of some sort. Either way, it's very square.

Excuse me for a moment while I peel some potatoes. Enjoy these pictures while I'm gone.

There ain't no snow out and it's making me sad, but at least I can look at my couch and scratch my beard and the people of Winter Village will enjoy a lovely snowfall. 

Oh, right, I guess I should justify the title of this blog. Here's my recipe for Special Drink: Holiday Edition:

You will need:

1 part Bailey's Irish Cream
2 parts the most expensive Eggnog you can get your hands on

Make sure the above are well-chilled. Mix in a cup. Drink from the cup.

Now, I didn't make this with what is honestly the most expensive eggnog I could have gotten, which is Summerhill's Own from next door, which clocks in somewhere north of 10 bucks a litre. But that stuff is glorious, I'm not gonna lie to ya. No, I made this today with Organic Meadow Eggnog, where the chickens and cows are played music of their choosing and gently encouraged to produce milk and eggs via subtle mental manipulation rather than outright exploitation, so not only is this drink tasty, it's morally neutral.

And here's something to think about:

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