Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Six Seasons and a Movie: A week and a half of Melons and Collies.

In today's exciting episode:

It'll all make sense in the end.
Movie Review MADNESS!

Advent Calender recap WEEK THREE!

The fastest Kijiji Transaction of all time!

 All that and even more bad news! Stay tuned.

Another three-day build. Worth the wait? Nope.

So let's get right into the nitty gritty: Blood Tide. I dunno if I even mentioned this in the past, but there was a thing Dree and I went to during the sweatiness of last summer that was like this big, free yardsale swappy thing. You show up with your janky DVDs or CDs or, you know, wax cylinders or whatever, and they tally it up, and give you points, and you spend your points taking other people's even shittier DVDs, CDs, and various and sundry. We dumped a good amount of the crud we've amassed, exchanging for such gems as Children Of The Corn [distressingly crappy] and Dead Calm.

And, yeah, among them was Blood Tide. It was a bit of goofballery set in Greece starring Darth Vader and the guy that played the asshole in Karate Kid. I was hoping for some sort of Shadow over Innsmouth thing, but... not really. It sort of ended up being a killer seahorse that sorta ate one person, and then maybe came on land at the end? I don't even know.

Yeah, so that was a lot of lead-in for a movie review that's basically "Skip it."

Day 18: Lucky Pierre.

And then we went on Saturday to visit Mary for her birthday, and had this cranberry chutney that was transcendent, and afterwards went downtown to the jerk theatre to watch Melancholia. I dunno if you've seen a lot of Lars Von Trier movies [I haven't, really], but I don't think they're what you'd call "easy." And I'm sort of flip-flopping quite a lot on this movie. During parts of it, I sort of didn't like it, but immediately afterwards I reversed that. And then I went back again and thought, you know, maybe I didn't like it... but now I've decided it was good. I'm glad to have seen it. Honestly, the all-over-ness of the first half and the [seeming] lack of coherence is easily overcome by the insanely beautiful images this thing has. I don't toss that sorta flowery language around often, you know.

But yeah, really, a movie that makes me think at all after it's over is a good one, so I fully endorse going to see it if you get the chance. I'm really excited for the sequel.

Day 19: It's gold, Jerry. Gold.
 And afterwards, we saw Michael Ignatieff leaving. I asked him what he thought of the visual feast we had just shared:

"I like horses."

That's all the movie stuff I'm gonna talk about now.

Day 20: Snow Machine. Orange is a nice colour.

So... I have three more pictures and I've sort of run out of steam with the bloggering. Oh, right, the Kijiji thing. Actually, whatever, that doesn't make for a very good story. Forget I mentioned it.

Day 21: Some sort of skitching device?
Oh, yeah! The reason for my crushing malaise lately, and likely the reason I've turned around and liked Melancholia again, because I could now sympathise with The Dunst's depression: NBC in a display of grand dick-headedness has shunted my Community off into some ill-defined nether-world by not including it mid-season. Which sucks. Big. Big sucks.

I dunno the ins and outs and I'm sure NBC has some decent reasons, and I don't blame them, either. I blame dumb people. Dumb people not watching the show. You bum me out, man.

Day 22: Use of force was deemed appropriate.
I mean, I'd always sorta wished the show wouldn't go beyond 4 years, because it makes pretty clear sense in the context of the show, and it seems like a program that would benefit having an end-point. Also, more than 4 years, you run the risk of putting out some crappy product [and I'll admit, there already was a crappy episode this season. One.] But I'd also hoped they'd have a season to get there naturally. As is... I mean, I'm not angry, because I can't say this was unexpected. Doesn't make me any less melancholy about it.

Day 23: A dog and a bone. That's it.
Boom, circuit achieved.

I'm OUT!

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