Friday, May 27, 2011

The start of something I'm unlikely to finish!

I had the pleasure of working on Nightmare on Elm Street 3 yesterday, and an episode of Community today. So I've been both busy and in a good mood, neither of which really move me to write anything down in the interweb. So here I was without anything much to be angry about and only one childish photo to post. And that's no good. No good at all.

Endlessly clever.

Aside: See Hanna if you get the chance. Honestly, it's friggin' fantastic. And don't take my word for it; the three old ladies behind us loved it too.

Anyway, back to this: I got inspired by the last thing I blogged about, the whole comic book I'm still somewhat gray on whether I can talk about or not. So I thought.... hows about I make an entirely new comic, on here? I mean, I got, like, three other corkers in the vault, ready to be thrust upon the unexpecting public. I could, you know, use one of those, and my LEGO photo thing, and, you know... meld 'em or whatever. How much work, really, would it take?

Turns out a lot. But hey, I'm gonna try. I'm gonna play it real close to the vest, though, to keep you excited. But you've come this far, so I'm gonna give you a little taste. Just a hint! A teaser photo, and... hell, the first page. 'Cause I like you so much.

Suspect considered armed and dangerous. Approach with caution.

Oh! I just remembered a good anecdote! Not much time now, but here's the super-short version: Dree put some shoes up on Kijiji to sell 'em, and she finally got a reply... and I'd bet dollars to donuts that the person replying was a foot fetishist. I mean, who buying shoes online requests more photos of the shoes on feet, because "I like seeing the shoes on feet"? Perverts, all of them.

So yeah, page one:

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