Monday, November 14, 2011

Advember Week Two

Another week has passed, so I should probably keep on top of charting the exciting progress that is the toy calendar this year. So I will do that.

I think normally I'd relate to you some manner of anecdote about something interesting I did in the past week, but it's been a pretty mellow time. Which is sort of ironic, in that me and the D actually went over to peoples' houses and did things, which is weird for borderline hermits like us, so arguably I'd have more to talk about. But that's sorta not the case. For the record: I'm still a big fan of guacamole, and my opinion on fake cheese remains the same.

Oh, and we saw a movie called An Insignificant Harvey. It's a local movie set [or at least shot] in Collingwood about a dwarfish gentleman who finds a Husky and befriends a stripper who does very little stripping, and is mostly cold because it's winter.

That's sorta the whole movie. I wanted to like it because I like supporting Canadiana, and the dog is a very pretty dog, but... Yeah. I dunno. Too clunky. And there's a point when you go beyond a healthy dose of "leaving it up to the audience" as far as the point you're trying to make, where it just seems like you don't have one and are just relying on me to fill in the blanks for you. And that's how I felt about this movie.

So my final rating: Watch The Station Agent with a dog in the room, and you've got yourself a better version of pretty much the same movie.

And yeah. now TOYS!

Day 8:
"Ho ho ho!"
What I like about these miniature models that you get in the calendar is that they tend to be something like this, which is furnishing and stuff. LEGO houses are lovely, but they usually lack any of the stuff. And here we get a lovely little cot to decorate your Christmas drunk tank.

DAY 9 and 10:
"Subject apprehended during late-night fish-axing."
On day 9 we get Mr. Green, who is actually a pretty swell dude, if only for the general winteryness of his attire. And on day 10 we get a frozen fish stuck to a whip, and a burning cone. I'm not entirely sure how he fits into the unfolding saga of this northerly criminal empire, however.

DAY 11, 12, and 13

It may seem like I'm lazy, rolling all these into one picture. And it should, because I am.

"Why can't I get any reception? Damn you, Mobilicity."

So day 11 and 12 are another pair of walls, and together with the previous pair we have the completed Northern Outpost for the LCPD. They're not doing much crime solving when they don't have a roof or a rear wall, but it's been a tough year fiscally, and the mayor had to cut back on funding. Oh, yeah, and there's another officer on a comically oversized walkie-talkie. We have to assume Mr. Green is a criminal, to maintain the ratio of good guys to bad dudes.

DAY 14
"Now let's see what's living in my spit."
And rounding out week 2 is this nifty little piece of set dressing, which is some manner of evidence desk, featuring the magnifying glass, which might be my second favourite LEGO piece behind the sausage.

And there you have it. There's only a few more days left in the calendar, which makes me sad, but we're also that much closer to building the ridiculously old-lady-like Winter Village.  I've gotten permission to bogart the entire couch. It's gonna be boss, y'all.

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