Monday, November 7, 2011

Vacation's over! Back to WORK!

Hi, everyone! How are you? I'm awaiting the TV repairman to come and replace the screen on my TV [apparently they still repair things?] so I've got a few moments to, you know, get back in the business. If you haven't noticed, I've been gone for about 2 months. I guess I just sorta had other things going on. Like laziness. Lots and lots of laziness.

Well that's not true. Dree and I went to Boston, the saddle of America [or whatever], which is a lovely town, rich in history and ankle-busting sidewalks. I'll get photos up here soon, but they were done with my old black and white film camera, which, besides costing around 38 hundred dollars to develop, also leaves you with these weird pieces of paper that I can't figure out how to insert into the computer. Give me some time and I'll get those done right. But it may take a while.

That's sorta all of that, really. Anyway, to celebrate year 2 of the blog, I've renamed it yet again. This one feels better. At least for the next 6 months or so, till I change it again.

And with no segue at all, let us transition into the real reason I dusted off the blogspot: 

LEGO Advent Calendar 2011.

There were two LEGO Advent Calendars this year, as there have been for some time. The City one is the one I got, 'cause I'm not nutty about Star Wars [the other option] and I'm also not nutty about spending an extra 10 bucks just 'cause it's Star Wars. Still, it DOES contain a fairly bitchin' Santa Yoda figure that, you know, if anyone out there happens to find on a bus or something, I'll totally take off your hands.

But yeah, so this year's calendar was purchased so gracefully by Dree, while we were at the opening of the Fairview Mall LEGO store. She got up at, like, 6 am to ride the subway and stand in line with me and the other LEGO nerds. That one's a keeper, I think. But I digress.

Nothing says "festive" like an escaped convict.
The calendar starts out strong with a minifigure, Mikey O'Larceny. Minifigures things are the sweet icing of LEGO. They're hardly nutritious like the blocks and the models... but they're sorta really what you're after. Now, how holiday-like [can't say Christmas!] a crook is might be a bit subjective. But he's got a scarf, so it's cold out. And cold out is a Christmas thing. Also, there's a snow-chunk. So, yeah.


Yeah, that's gotta be less work that just throwing it.
Some manner of weapon. Appears to be a snow-chunk launcher, as it comes with three more of the mysterious canisters. I imagine ol' Mikey holds up liquor stores by laying siege to them from across the parking lot.


LEGO, eager to dive into the implied drama of this set, presents another character: Officer Dingus, returning from a particularly draining patrol of the Occupy Santa's Village protesters. He wants nothing more than a warm cup of cocoa. Too bad he didn't see Mikey catapulting yellowed snow at the windows of the LCBO up the street.

A wall.

Another wall.

This is the point where the kids are flippin' out in anticipation about what tomorrow's exciting prize is gonna be.


Just when you thought you had this all figured out, that this was, in fact, a totally secular calendar apparently recreating that episode of CSI: NY that took place upstate, TLG drops this science on ya:

Why Ewok when you can Eskate? HA!*

Christmas tree, y'all. AND presents. Seeing as how the little map thing indicates these sorta just go in the middle of a field, I'm assuming the presents are artificial. Perhaps full of sand. But there's a skateboard and helmet, and there's no faking that.

Also, why does LEGO include so many skateboards? Maybe it's still the 70s in Denmark.

Anyway, that's all for now. TV repairman still hasn't shown up yet. I'm going to flip a coin to decide if I should actually do some work today [yuck] or go back to building the train tunnel/ski hill to be featured in my soon-to-be constructed, weather permitting Winter Village. Tough decisions, man.

* There's no Ewok in the calendar. Don't get too excited.

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