Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Second of the DAY! I'm afire with Lego opinions.

Also, work is slow, and by slow I mean not a thing I do. So let's kill some time with my new toy. [Being this blog.]

Speaking of toys, with this blog supposedly being assigned  in their direction by at least 30%, let's go over some quick things in my mind right now:

Lego Advent Calender is on day three. Yeah, it's November, but I made the executive decision to bump it ahead a month, so that I'd actually be able to futz about with a Santa figure, should one be in there [I have reason to believe there will be.]

To recap, day 1: Snowman that looks like a robot. But it's Lego. Everything sorta looks like a robot. But it's a good, Christmassy start.

Where's that carrot been? Where's the BROOM been?

Day 2: A child, who I've christened Ginger Tim, packing some very angry weapons. I've been told they're probably "toy" swords, which I guess sort of fits with the season or whatever, but really. They're awfully large and violent looking. Also, he has those weird halfsie kid legs that I'm having trouble adjusting to. My Lego worldview is being forcefully reconfigured.

Where's my 2 dollars?
Day 3: A skate ramp? The skateboard is cool, maybe it's an early present from an out-of-town aunt, who thoughtfully included a helmet. But the ramp itself seems oddly snow-free. Oh, and Tim, I see no problem with you skateboarding with your sword, as long as wear your helmet, dammit. Safety first.

Actually, you know what? I don't care if you hurt yourself.
That's all for that. But another thing! You should be watching Community. It will better your life. I also have a Lego man who looks like Vaughn, see?

She's a GDB.

And the fun thing is, if you change his hair, he looks like Surf Jesus.

"Blessed are the Brohams, for ten they shall hang."

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