Monday, November 8, 2010

Let's talk about New York

So I was in New York about a month ago. It was a vacation, and we were only there for a few short days, but it was a hell of a trip. If I started getting payed for work again, I'd go back toot sweet. I really mean it. If you're reading this, you should stop and book a ticket. Stay in Brooklyn.

I've been reminded of this because my pictures came back from developing. Apparently no one at Shopper's Drug Mart knows what black and white film is, though, because I stumped the whole lot of them with my outlandish requests. I'm sure some of them were concerned that I'd never heard of colour film. Regardless, New York is a city that looks sexy as hell in black and white, so I ponied up the 70 dollar development fee [imagine!] to do it up right. Here's a few specific ones I enjoy.

This is whatever street is north of Wall Street. I'm bad with directions.

Some things I learned about New York:

1] It smells fantastic in early October. Seriously. I can't even explain it.

2] No one waits for the walk signal. Not a single one of them. If you want to let everyone know you're a tourist, wait at a red light. If you wanna blend in, walk blindly into traffic.

It's like a still from a silent movie. From when they didn't know how to use cameras properly.

3] Maybe it's just Toronto, and maybe it's just where we were wandering, but there were, like, no hobos anywhere. And we weren't just hanging around Times Square. Also, the buskers were endlessly more entertaining.

And then King Kong came and smashed some shit.

4] The only fat people in the city are the cops.

That'll do for now. The whole album is up, out there in space. I was trying to get a bunch of photos that looked like they were vintage or some junk, and I think it worked, more or less. Replicating them in poo quality helps age them.

Continuing Lego updates, for theme purposes:

Advent Calendar [which I bought at the Lego Store in Rockefeller Center, so there's, like, a tie-in or whatever] day 5, 6, 7, and 8: Band equipment [mostly]! I said at some point that I find it strange that Lego never really made band equipment, and then they punch me in the face with a few in this calendar. There's a drum kit and a piano, both of which are pretty groovy. Also in there were Tim's sister, who has no name currently, as well as a cat and a dog, named Dog and Cat, respectively. Also: sausage.

"Get off my piano, or I swear I'll feed you to the dog."

Sausage is the new best Lego piece. Officially.

Ginger Tim, always the asshole.

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