Friday, November 12, 2010

Money ain't gonna make itself, yo!

I was stalling on blogging for the past few days for two separate, equally important reasons:

1] I'm sitting on my thumbs, waiting quite impatiently for Canada Post to deliver a package I'd ordered some time ago. It seems apropos of me to talk about it, seeing as how it fits in with the apparent theme I've forced upon this cyberjournal.

B] I had nothing to say.

I think someone probably said at some point that creativity or whatever breeds, like, creativity or whatever. Didn't they? Sounds like something someone would say. Anyway, I think, conversely, that lack of productivity is sucking my desire to be productive. Part of the point of the blog* thing was to keep me from being pulled into the sucker-hole of general unemployed apathy. But... yeah. That's clearly not what anyone** came here to read.

They wanna know one thing: What I feel about Lego Advent Calendars.

Day 9: Microjet.

Eminently swooshible.

I really dig these micro vehicles. They're, like, stupid simple, but that's why they're great. With about 3 and a half pieces they prove how smart Lego designers are and how dumb I am, because I never would have thought of it.

Day 10: Patriarch [I'm assuming]

Lend me some sugar, I am your neighbour.

I guess this is like the dad in this nuclear Lego family, carrying his suitcase 'cause he's businessy, but not wearing a tie on account of he's strictly 9-5, and it's 5:15. Although I have to say, he looks a lot like Zach Galifianakis.

I... don't see it.

 Day 11: House decorations.

On the mantel is the Oscar Galifianakis will never be awarded 'cause he's "funny."
Like I like musical instruments, I like this sort of decorationy stuff. Yes, sure, it's dollhouse dressing, but I've clearly given up on caring what people think.

Day 12: Some sort of... thing? An apparatus of some sort?

Oh, right, I see what it is. He's cleaning out the sucker-hole.

So that's all for now. Canada Post still hasn't made its delivery, but at least I found out that something I put on Kijiji is being bought by some dude. So hooray for that. I'm going to Licks!

* Have I mentioned at some point that I hate that word? I hate that word. But here I am making this thing, so I should suck it up already.
** No one.

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